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    The Ten Board Rules



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    The Ten Board Rules

    Post by Admin on Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:14 pm

    The Ten Board Rules
    (Pretty standard among all forums)

    1 - No Flaming - Do not insult. A flame is not meant as a joke and is not accepted. Do not flame. If flamed, contact a Staff Member. Do not retaliate. There are 3 Classifications of Flaming.

    • 1. Unintended - An insult where it did not mean to insult. These may be excusable.
      2. Minor - An insult that is a spur of the moment without thinking correctly. This is not excusable.
      3. Major - An insult or set of insults that are clear and calm trying to cause maximum distress someone.

    2 - No Baiting - To deliberately annoy or taunt. This is not acceptable on site. Do not intentionally try to anger or upset someone. If you feel you are being baited ask them to stop. Do not counter with a flame or a bait. If one continues to bait contact a Staff Member.

    3 - No Drama Whoring - A person who thinks their life occurrences are more important than another. Often a drama sleeper will send out messages with no content except for something inflammatory or retaliatory directed at another person they dislike. Keep all harmful personal objectives off the site. Do not turn opinions within the community against other members or the site.

    4 - No Harassment - Do not harass members. If someone asks you not to interact with them please stop. If a user is harassing please contact a Staff Member. A member may not ask or tell a Staff Member to stay away from a thread that needs Grading or Accepting. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly please contact Higher Staff

    5 - No Flooding - Posting more than 5 threads in a forum within 1 hour without staff consent, bumping dead topics causing previously active threads to drop off 1st page. Do Not Bump a Thread. Please direct to Posting and You Thread to learn about Posting.

    6 - No Advertising - Do not advertise another site on this site. You are not allowed to Private Message people inviting them to other sites. If you are caught you will be removed from the site. If you wish to advertise with the site, please post your site in the Advertising and Affiliations Board.

    7 - No Trolling - Deliberately causing damage to the community. Neo-trolling is another variant of this whereby you try to cause damage without making it seem like actual trolling (i.e.: subtle and intelligent trolling). This includes:

    • 1. Maliciously exploiting 'loop holes' in the rules.
      2. Seeking to constantly or massively undermine staff.
      3. Publicly attacking the forum or how it is run on the site or off site.
      4. Privately plotting to cause problems on the forum.
      5. Maliciously breaking rules.
      6. Returning by other means after being banned.
      7. Hacking - Hacking by taking accounts will result in a Ban.
      8. Disrespecting Staff Members. If a mod closes a thread, or tells you to quit doing something, then please listen to them. If you are unhappy with a Staff Member then do not make a public protest thread. PM a Higher Staff with the complaint and we make corresponding changes if necessary.

    8 - No Content Abuse - Make sure that your posts are readable. Consider that not everyone's broadband access is the same. Do not post background music or embedded media in a thread. Topics with adult content media must contain a thread warning. Keep the site PG13. Image size may not exceed 450 pxl by 450 pxl to ensure the site will not be stretched.

    9 - No Public Complaints - Keep all Out of Character disputes away from In Character Threads. Contact a Staff Member with the dispute. Do not make threads to discredit the site. If you have a complaint please contact Admin.

    10 - Posting Capabilities - User may be in 3 threads A Regular Role-Play thread, an Event or Interactive Mission thread, and a Training or Crafting thread.

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