This is a forum based RPG for 2000 years after Naruto died. There is widespread peace in the ninja world, for the time being... How will you impact the ninja world?

    The Ninja World after Naruto


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    The Ninja World after Naruto

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    The History of the Ninja World
    The Ninja World after Naruto experienced a millennium of peace and prosperity. New major cities arose, rivaling the Great Nations. Needless to say, the demand for shinobis declined. The problem arose when expansion led to territory disputes and resources that were once in excess became rich commodities. The Great Nations banded together just as they did in the Third War, but this time, they sought a peaceful solution. Obviously, destroying these major cities would not only cripple the economy but make the Great Nations look like a band of warmongering villages. Not wanting to give in and allow other cities to join the prestige of the Great Nations, the Five Great Nations decided to use anbus and deceptive tactics to compromise the state of these major cities without their knowing. They did this to prevent escalating conflict that would lead to warfare. Unfortunately for the Great Nations, these major cities were on to them. It's not enough to say this divided the Great Nations and the rising new cities. There were disputes and feuds, but never any great conflicts. And so, as more young people were living as merchants or craftsmen instead of shinobis. This seems like the perfect playing ground for bandits, pillagers, and basic evil doers. This is setting of when you grow up. You've read about the history of Naruto and his friends. You've read the legends and have grown to love the way of the shinobi. Dependent on where you choose to start, many trials await in this "Cold War" between Great Nations and major cities. But no matter who you are or where you're from, you will have an impact in the Ninja World.

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